For the past three generations, the art of diamond polishing has been passed from father to son in the Verelst family.

It all started with complete handicraft which is now combined with the most modern techniques and sophisticated equipment.

The late Alfons Verelst had been a diamond polisher since he was an young boy.

His son Louis Verelst was fascinated by all those shiny stones and finished school at the age of 14 to become a polisher with his father as his teacher.

At 25 Louis founded his own company “VERBO BVBA”. In the beginning only 3 to 4 people were working for him but the company flourished since then and he employed up to 25 people.

In 2001 his son David (Graduate Electro Mechanics) joined the company too. Previously he worked at COMDIAM, a daughter company of the High Counsil of Diamonds (HRD) where he got the experience of cutting diamonds with a laser.