Brilliant Lady 21™


Brilliant Lady 21™ has been designed to respond to the rising demand for new and modern diamond cuts. Women of today want their new lifestyle to be reflected in the jewels they wear.

This beauty has been designed and patented by Mr. Louis Verelst, one of the most respected master cutters in Antwerp.







Brilliant Lady 21™, a new and innovative diamond cut, has been designed to acquire brilliance at its maximum.

Brilliant Lady 21™ is a result of theoretical study of the optical properties such as light reflection and dispersion, and of craftsmen working with the highest precision looking for perfection. With its 221 facets, Brilliant Lady 21™ has 163 facets more than the classical brilliant cut.

Facets produce reflection, a higher number of facets result in increased brilliance. Each facet is skillfully positioned to capture and disperse as much light as possible in order to impart more brilliance than any other known diamond cut.







Brilliant Lady 21™ diamonds are all examined, graded, and certified by an accredited diamond certification agency such as:

  • HRD, High Council of Diamonds, the representative board of all diamonds trade organisations, or
  • GIA, Gemological Institute of America, leader in diamond grading and gemological education.

Each stone has a certificate enlisting the weight, cut and colour.

Brilliant Lady 21™ diamonds are laser inscribed on the girdle mentioning: “cut in Antwerp, BL21, Antwerp certified and the certificate number”.

The laser inscription ensures the authenticity of the Brilliant Lady 21™.

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